What Is Redux? You might have heard the word Redux by Rany ElHousieny The Startup

For example, each major feature inside your app can have its own reducer. While it is possible to write this logic by hand, doing so would become very repetitive. In addition, optimizing UI performance would require what is redux for complicated logic. We have discussed the major features of Redux and why Redux is beneficial to your app. While Redux has its benefits, that does not mean you should go about adding Redux in all of your apps.

what is redux for

Now friends are accessible within your app, but you still need to add them to the HomeScreen and FriendsScreen. With your reducer in place, you will need a way to add friends. To connect Redux to your app, you will need to create a reducer and an action. We can listen for the click event and dispatch a new action to the Redux store, which contains the reducer. In addition to the type, we can also pass extra information as a part of the action. Here, we’ve first defined a reducer function using ES6 arrow function syntax.

What is Redux? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

By combining the strengths of ReactJS and Redux, you can build robust, maintainable, and scalable applications with ease. Also, there are a number of extensions for redux that help in simplifying the code logic and improving the performance. After performing action here, one has to wait till the delivery. There is a process that takes time and follows whenever one orders something from a favorite e-commerce website. Similarly, in redux, after performing the action, there is a term called dispatch, which sends the action to the reducer. When you place the order, the package ships to the nearest warehouse to the destination address.

Yet, you don’t always need Redux to manage the state of your application. So the above code is not correct, because in the reducer we should not modify the original state. Doing so will create issues in your application and so it’s not recommended. If you don’t pass the type property then you will get an error. Here, we’re calling the dispatch function available on the store to send an action with the type INCREMENT to the store.

When to use Redux

Whenever an action is dispatched, all the reducers are activated. Each reducer filters out the action using a switch statement switching on the action type. It’s just taking the tech prop and using some CSS for styling purposes.

  • As the number of reducers and actions increase, it can become challenging to manage the different pieces and keep track of everything.
  • The rest of the description on this page focuses solely on the Redux core library (the redux package).
  • This project, along with several others, will go into their web developer portfolio to enable them to attract employers once they graduate.
  • You have a todo-item component, and you want to program the component so that when a user clicks the item, it gets crossed out.
  • It’s also easier to test, and to reset the store to a known initial state.

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