Custom Clearance is a critical part of the import or export supply chain. Hassle free and timely custom clearance of goods directly affects the cost and profitability for our customers. We therefore work diligently to ensure that their unique requirements are met to their satisfaction. We strive to assist our clients with managing the risks involved in imports and improving efficiencies in their processes, with emphasis on a thorough understanding of regulations. We continuously engage in improving best practices in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Our scope and expertise includes:

  • Clearance at all custom stations in Pakistan
  • Clearance under bilateral and multilateral trade agreements
  • Clearance under temporary basis including duty drawback
  • Clearance under various concessionary notifications
  • Tax exempt clearance of diplomatic cargo or aid cargo
  • Pre-import advisory on tariff classifications, concessionary notifications, valuation, import and export regulations
  • Pre-import advisory on preparation of shipping documents

Besides knowledge and experience, our excellent contacts with custom authorities are also helpful in quickly resolving problems, if any, and in handling the clearance without any delay.


We have built up a comprehensive network of partners to enable us to offer a fast, reliable and competitive road transportation service anywhere in Pakistan for cargo ranging from part loads to heavy-lift and over-dimensional project cargo. We can arrange a variety of vehicles required in transportation of transformers, turbines, generators, vessels and wind turbine blades. We ensure that our clients receive the highest level of transportation services and risk management under our supervision.

Our scope and strengths include:

  • Timely pick-up and delivery of goods
  • Route survey and permissions required from concerned departments
  • Compliant and reliable transport equipment
  • Vehicles and equipment including low beds, multi-axles, long trailers, customized trailers for tower and wind turbine blades or other specific needs
  • Provision of escort vehicles and security for oversize and sensitive cargo
  • Online tracking using portable and fixed GPS
  • Expedited and time critical service with 24/7 response


Whether you are shipping by air or sea, door-to-door or port-to-port, you can depend on RYAN and its worldwide network of partners to deliver your shipment quickly and safely regardless of its size and weight. We offer tailor-made Air Freight and Sea Freight solutions, helping to find you the most suitable, cost effective way of shipping goods from one country to another.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Air transport, sea transport and multi-model service through our robust network
  • Assistance with regulatory requirements at origin and destination
  • Packaging, lashing and fumigation
  • Third party testing and inspection
  • Full and part charters
  • Competitive destination charges
  • Reliable carriers
  • In-house custom clearance

Besides knowledge and experience, our excellent contacts with custom authorities are also helpful in quickly resolving problems, if any, and in handling the clearance without any delay.


We arrange secure private, public and custom bonded warehousing on short and long term for our clients. Premises and location are carefully selected to suit our client’s requirements on competitive rates.

afghan transit


IDEAL has partnered with leading Afghan transit logistics service providers in Karachi, Torkham and Chaman to offer one-window logistics solutions to our clients involved in exports to Afghanistan from or via Pakistan. We provide services such as customs clearing of cargo at Karachi ports, transportation and customs clearance at the border and in Afghanistan. Our main focus is on non-commercial project cargo, aid cargo and fuel supply from Pakistan.


IDEAL is highly experienced in orchestrating the full range of logistics services required by event organizers and exhibitors. This includes the professional handling and transport of bulky exhibits from customer’s factory to exhibitor’s booth. Whether you are an exhibitor or an organizer, we can manage your entire project cost effectively and, above all, with highest level of professionalism.